Stump Grinding and Tree Removal In Austin, TX

Are you searching for the absolute best local service to take care of your needs for stump removal in Austin, Texas? Well, fortunately for you we’re the absolute best company for this important task in the Austin Metro area! Our level of professionalism is matched only by how efficiently we perform the tasks in our day to day. Not sure who to call? Stump Grinders of Austin does it all! Be sure and give us a ring or fill out the handy form below and we’ll get you set right up with a FREE estimate sooner than you can go buy a chainsaw and put on your work pants!

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We go to great lengths to make sure that we offer not only the most affordable service in Austin, but also the highest quality! From things like tree pruning to more laborious tasks such as removal, we’re the type of team that doesn’t cut any corners and goes all in from the start! Our equipment is state of the art and works wonders on whatever project we set it upon. Our services are the most extensive in the area, and as soon as a bid has been accepted by a client, we immediately sent out a team of professionals to scope out the area of land with the end result of sending you a proper estimate with an hour.