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Stump Grinding and Tree Removal In Austin, TX

Are you searching for the absolute best local service to take care of your needs for stump removal in Austin, Texas? Well, fortunately for you we’re the absolute best company for this important task in the Austin Metro area! Our level of professionalism is matched only by how efficiently we perform the tasks in our day-to-day. Not sure who to call? Stump Grinders of Austin does it all! Be sure and give us a ring or fill out the handy form below and we’ll get you set right up with a FREE estimate sooner than you can go buy a chainsaw and put on your work pants!

About Us

We go to great lengths to make sure that we offer not only the most affordable service in Austin, but also the highest quality! From things like tree pruning to more laborious tasks such as removal, we’re the type of team that doesn’t cut any corners and goes all in from the start! Our equipment is state of the art and works wonders on whatever project we set it upon. Our services are the most extensive in the area, and as soon as a bid has been accepted by a client, we immediately sent out a team of professionals to scope out the area of land with the end result of sending you a proper estimate with an hour.

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Not only do we get right to work with our heavy-duty machines whenever a new job is posted in our system, we also pick up whatever large debris is left behind. After this, our crew smoothes over top of the freshly ground stump with the mulch that was just created so that grass will germinate properly and grow quickly over the spot. Some of our related services includes things like bush removal for those large, overgrown areas that need to be cleared and full on tree removals. This last part covers everything, including the removal of any branches or logs that may be lying around. We’re the experts, and leave no leaf unturned! (Literally.)

Tree Removal

Hey, we get it. The decision on whether or not to remove a tree from your property can be a tough one to make. The heat of the sun can be unbearable in Austin Texas. When you need relief from this scorching weather and blazing hot temperatures, a tree may seem like your only option- but not if it means cutting down on beautiful scenery or necessary fencing! If there comes a time when we must choose to remove them safely without damaging other parts of the property, then Stump Grinders of Austin has got just what needs to be done. Our trained staff includes climbers who will work tirelessly until completion while groundsmen keep a close eye should anything go wrong along their journey up high into the upper canopy levels. When working with us, you know we have the experience to remove your trees safely, so give us a call today!

Stump Removal

We’re the best at Stump Removal. In our many years of experience in the stump grinding and removal business, we’ve come across many potentially disastrous scenarios and avoided them. We always keep our eyes peeled for electric power lines and expensive things like water mains. And when it comes to removing dangerous objects such as trees blown down due to a storm, we make sure and do it without damaging your home’s foundation. Not only are you getting experts who know what they are doing, but also their attention to detail will help save unnecessary headaches on site!
We provide efficient services with quality results, which means faster cleanups AND less expensive repairs if needed later- so call us today!”

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinders of Austin is the best place for all your stump grinding needs. From chainsawing to tree removal, we’ve got it covered! Quickness and cleanliness are what set us apart from other companies—and not just because you’ll be sleeping better at night knowing that pesky trees won’t come crowding out light in a dark room anymore (although who wouldn’t want those things gone?). Our commitment goes beyond convenience; quality workmanship has always been an integral part of our business plan since its inception.



Nadav Laemmle

6 reviews

Stump Grinders of Austin are great! Had a pesky stump in my yard that my partner and I needed to clear and this service helped us save a ton on costs while still getting the job done professionally and in a timely manner. Would recommend!

Alex Furlong

2 reviews

Robert saved the day! I had just started an exciting sport court project that came to a screeching halt due to large stumps that an excavator could not get out! Mind you I had already had a stump grinding company out

emily robbins

1 review

Professional and did a great job with tree removal.

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There are so many messy situations that can be avoided by relying on professionals to do the job for you, and we want to be the company that you go to for your day-to-day needs. One error that some folks make is trying to take on the work all by themselves and making an even bigger mess! The end result is having to call us anyway and probably having a couple of cuts and bruises from doing the work yourself. Our crew makes it easy for you to create the ideal yard and keep it that way. While we’re there doing the day-to-day work of keeping your home looking amazing, you can give us your brainstorms for whatever else you’d like to see done. If we don’t do it ourselves, then there’s a 100% chance that we can refer you to a great group of people! The team we’ve cultivated makes sure to never cut any corners and can help you make the right decisions whenever you feel a little in over your head.